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Here is the latest news and updates about the RNGB.

HM Birthday Quarter Peal Day 2017
A very successful day was had by those attending the Quarter Peal Day on Saturday 22 April 2017 to celebrate the Queen's Birthday and details can be found on the Peals page and also on Bellboard.

AGM 04 March 2017
Many thanks to Mike for a very enjoyable day with bells in the Northampton and surrounding area. An outing report is being written and once completed will appear in the Outings page and an edited version will be sent to the Ringing World.
The winning cartoon caption and the best of the rest are on the cartoon competition page.

Quarter Peal Day 2017
A very successful day was had by those attending the Quarter Peal Day on Saturday 4th February 2017 and a report and details can be found on the Peals page and also on Bellboard.

Steve Lowman
It is with sadness that we have heard of the death of Steve Lowman of Lambourne on 30th Novemebr 2016. He had not been well lately and there was a garage fire which he tried to stop spreading and suffered a massive heart attack. He did an enormous amount to improve the ringing at Lambourn and will be sadly missed in the tower and locally in ringing circles. Our thoughts are with his wife Pat.

Trafalgar Outing 21 - 23 October 2016
A great time was had by all who attended and an outing report written by John P is on the Outings page and an edited version has been sent to the Ringing World. Although the Peal was unsuccessful, a Quarter Peal was rung and dedicated to Dennis Martin. Details are on the Peals page, in the report and also on Bellboard.

Dennis Martin

It is with great sadness that a long serving and active member of the Guild, Dennis Martin, passed away on Sunday 11th September 2016. Although he had been unable to attend recent outings due to illness, previously he and Barbara had always attended the various outings during the years, as well as hosting a few themselves and he will of course be remembered for taking members on a tour of Salisbury Cathedral and his culinary delights, especially cakes as well as his bright ties!
A Quarter Peal by Guild members will be rung during the Trafalgar weekend, but a Quarter was rung for him at St Faith’s, Havant where he occasionally rang, along with attending the famous annual Havant Bellringers Christmas Meal.


Havant, Hampshire
St Faith Wednesday, 5 October 2016 (15–0–25)
1260 Plain Bob Doubles
1 Anne Tautz
2 Terry Collins (C)
3 Graham Brown
4 Bill Harris
5 Andrew Ramsay
6 Robert Wilson
To celebrate the life of Dennis Martin, born 20/12/34 died 11/9/16. Served in the Royal Navy from 1950. Became a member of RNGB 1979

Trafalgar Outing 21 - 23 October 2016
This year it is in the Derbyshire Dales and details have be published and are shown on the Meetings page. For further information please contact sec@rngb.org.uk

Abbie Amber (Abby)
26th March 2004 to 3rd August 2016
For all those who met and knew Abby, it is with great sadness that after a short illness, she has reluctantly departed this earth.
Her interests were many, ranging from historical sites, food, swimming, walking, sunbathing, pubs and bellringing. Although she never actually learnt to ring, it did play a major part in her life by attending many tours and outings and with living next to Hugglescote Church she would always be out in the garden listening to visiting bands, peals and quarter peals, as well as any general ringing. She also oversaw the winding of the clock and the raising of the bells for weddings on many occasions.
However, it was the ringing outings she loved, especially the Royal Naval Guild (she was the RNGB unofficial mascot) and the Oxenhope tours. Earlier this year she attended the Oxenhope outing in East Yorkshire and even up to the end was assisting in arranging this year’s Royal Naval Guild Trafalgar outing, with the accommodation, food venues and proposed towers being closely inspected by her for approval.
While attending outings she did not actively take part but would watch people disappear up to the ringing chamber and patiently waited for their return, listening to the ringing in between. On some outings coach drivers would look after and walk her and even tower contacts were coerced into taking her for a walk! At the RNGB AGM teas she was always a great help in clearing up, especially under the tables!
Her holidays also involved bells and only two weeks ago, in a period where it looked as though she had recovered, she was at her favourite holiday destination Scarborough, playing on the beach, swimming in the sea, eating ice creams and listening to the bells on practice night. A few years ago she had attended and thoroughly enjoyed a Scarborough tower tour in South Yorkshire, visiting new places.
Abby is now running and swimming free in green fields with a river flowing through, next to the sea with a sandy beach and ice cream stalls and a church with bells close by. Bliss!
A Quarter Peal of Plain Bob Doubles, including three RNGB members, was rung at St John the Baptist, Whitwick on Monday 15th August 2016 in celebration of her life and her obituary appeared in the Ringing World.

RNGB Quarter Peal Outing to commemorate the Centenary of the Battle of Jutland 31st May 1916
Details of the successful Quarter Peals at Bishops Cannings and Calne are listed on the Peals page, including some information about relatives of the band who were at Jutland during the battle.

RAFGB Battle of Britain Outing 15 - 17 September 2016
Details have be published and are shown on the Meetings page.

AGM 05 March 2016
Many thanks to John for a very enjoyable day with some lovely bells in the Redhill and Nutfield area. The outing report is on the Outings page and an edited version has been published in the Ringing World.
The winning cartoon caption and the best of the rest are on the cartoon competition page.

Trafalgar Outing 2015
Many thanks to Joe and John for organising a very enjoyable and well attended weekend in the Swindon area. The report is now on the Outings page.

2015 AGM
Many thanks to Tim and Diana for orgainising not only an excellent outing but some great weather! The report is now on the Outings page. Also congratulations to Bob for the winning caption for this year's cartoon competition and receiving a year's free subscription to the Guild!

Centenary Peal Board
Following the Centenary Peal by an Armed Forces Band back in January 2014, a peal board was unveiledand presented to the congregation at St Mary, Gillingham on Sunday 23rd November 2014.
A small ceremony was laid on with a short explanation by Mark our Ringing Master of the background and history of this event and the priest gave a very appropriate blessing in the context of the First World War Centenary.
The Guilds were represented by John Verity, Christine Baldock,JohnDavey, Maggie Vince and Mark Robins, who were welcomed by the church and ringers and expressed their gratitude for the performance and the board itself.
The church intends mounting the peal board alongside the original board in the belfry once the appropriate faculty has been granted.
Details of the peal are here

Trafalgar Weekend 2014
Another successful and very enjoyable weekend was held in the New Forest area and our thanks go to Deborah for arranging it and the report is now on the Outings page. Next is the AGM in the New Year.

Photos will be added as and when they come in. If anyone wishes to see any of their pictures of RNGB events go on the site, please email them through to the sec@rngb.org.uk If anyone is not happy with a picture showing themselves, please let the Secretary know.

The Birth of a Bell DVD - a DVD has been produced showing the story of the Treble Bell, donated in 1993 by the RNGB, for the Fleet Air Arm Memorial Church at Yeovilton. It follows the bell being cast, tuned, installed and rung for the first time as well as including the dedication service for the Church. It is approximately 1.5 hours long and was filmed by Barbara and Dennis, who have very generously donated the film to the guild and the price for a copy is £5.00, with £2.50 going to the Guild. If you would like to purchase a copy, please contact the RNGB Secretary.