Royal Naval Guild of Bellringers

Prior to the AGM in March, members are asked to think of an appropriate caption for a cartoon, the prize being a year's free subscription to the Guild and entries are judged at the AGM. Once again, many thanks to Barbara for drawing and providing the cartoons and the winning captions and best of the rest are listed below.

2022 Cartoon

The winning caption and 'best of the rest' will appear here following the AGM

2020 Cartoon

"Will be back in 2 weeks. Ring if you get a cough!"

2019 Cartoon

"Stand! My battery's going flat."

Best of the rest
"I know we are short of ringers, but this is ridiculous!"
"Turn that wheel on his middle and he goes up and down in time with the bells."
"He's okay on tower bells but can't hold handbells very well."

2018 Cartoon

No 2018 captions following cancellation of the AGM due to bad weather

2017 Cartoon

"Where do you want the other seven?"

Best of the rest
"No! I ordered Abel!"
"It's amazing what you can find on Ebay these days!"
"The drone couldn't lift it, so I had to bring it!"
"Not more chocolate - I've given up chocolate for Lent!"

2016 Cartoon

"I see the new rope spider has arrived for the RNGB outing!"

Best of the rest:
"I was talking to our Tower Captain when I remembered this old anchor!"
"Vicar: Is this going to be anchors away surprise? Man: Well, it will be for me mate!"

2015 Cartoon

"That's the castles. Where's the cat's ears?"

Best of the rest:
"Just be glad there is no spire!"
"That's another load of hot air today!"
"How appropriate, Helium Doubles"
"Ah, Double Norwich Major with three trebles I believe"
"Ring faster! We need more lift!"

2014 Cartoon

"I said 'Look Too' not 'Look Twit Twoo'!"

Best of the rest:
"Quarter Peal attempt at St Luke's goes into extra time"

2013 Cartoon

"You're in a dodgy business!"

2012 Cartoon


2011 Cartoon

"The Vicar's dog ensures ringing practice always finishes on time!"

Best of the rest:
"Sally, when I said 'lead and out' I didn't mean you! "
"When I said 'Lead' I didn't mean 'Walkies'!"
"All I said was 'LEAD'!"
"There he goes, chasing his own tail again!"
"I said 'Dodge away', not 'Dog away'!"
"Running home at the end of a lead"

2010 Cartoon

'No! The couch is for private patients!'

The best of the rest were:
'And when did you realise that Bellringing and Escapology don't go together?"'
'Doctor, I keep getting upside-down ringing Bristol!'
'...then he calls single and we all end up the right way!'
'I learnt to ring in Sydney and can't get acclimatised over here!'
'Now tell me again, why is it called a surprise method?'

2009 Cartoon

"Now have you got it, one blow on the train you call Bob, two blows and you call a Single?"

The best of the rest were:
'School for the perfect wife: "Now we have done the steam trains, lesson two is bellringing!"'
'But didn't you know dear...every self respecting ringer has a train set?'
'Oh Bob, not another one!'
'Bellringing? No thanks, I'll play with my train set...it's cooler!'